Award winning photographic art

With an eye for beauty and exquisite attention to detail Therese creates unique pieces of art that tells stories that are both serious and humorous.

Therese Asplund

An artist with a passion för light, color and people

“In an interview at school, when I was six years old, I said that what I wanted to do when I grew up was to draw drawings for people to make them happy. Forty years
later that is kind of what I do! With the same wild imagination as my six years old self I come up with ideas for beautiful, or crazy, stylings, for new ways to use light or for ways to direct my models to get into character so that I can draw drawings with my camera to tell stories, awaken curiosity or just make people happy!”

Therese Asplund is an internationally rewarded fineart portrait photographer from Sweden. She has won numerous awards both internationally and in Sweden over the last ten years. Her creative portraits varies from old fashioned painterly portrait to graphic and modern images with inspiration in fashion, commercial and modern arts. Sticking to the basics of photography she always puts a lot of effort in to location, styling and, most importantly, lighting, and most of what you see in her images are actually pretty much how it looked in camera. Her images are recognized for the impeccable lighting and very high technical quality as well as the careful attention to the connection with the model and his, or her, expression.

Styling of hair, make up and outfit is often an important part of the expression in her images and she does most of it herself as part of the creative process.

A part from being a full time photographer Therese is also a highly appreciated speaker and educator and does lectures and workshops, both in Sweden and abroad, in order to help other photographers make the most of their creativity.